Telemarketing? Not A Bad Idea

Imagine this ... You can not seem to meet your needs, even in a job or jobless examination. Invoices accumulate, and despite payment arrangements, it seems like you will never get close. You continue to look for work, but recruitment seems to be out of reach. You end up with your cord and need a quick fix! Does this scenario seem familiar? If so, it may be one of 17% of unemployed Americans or unemployed (according to a 60-minute report in 2010). If you are ready to change your attitude, I have the solution for you: Phone Marketing! Yes, I know it may not be fun or missed, but take my advice and do it. By the way, if you are a university student, please do not think you are above phone marketing: 20% of these unemployed Americans are college graduates. Here are several reasons why you explore phone marketing if you are having trouble finding a job.
1. Jobs are plentiful. No matter how bad the economy is, companies will always need someone to sell things or set appointments by phone. Go to CareerBuilder to put in your zip code and find out what's coming. Notice something interesting? Many jobs are available. This is usually the case with telemarketing. I can think of two companies (Dial America & Americall) very close to where I live that always announces the slots and the immediate start. The good news is that this is transferred to the telecommuting community. Just about every remote working tablet will have a large number of telemarketing functions.
2. You can get hired and start working quickly. What is the most painful part of getting started? The actual beginning itself. Starting from the middle of the payment period means that it will be a few weeks before you see a full check. However, waiting around a company to contact you for an interview is another matter. Do not miss me to tell you that every telemarketing company will call you immediately, but if you apply for a sufficient number of companies, you can get at least a few to contact you within two weeks. Please bear in mind that these companies have a lot of turnover. If they do not, it may not be easy to get. Of course they want competent people who work for them, and you always want to put yourself as someone who will be there for a long time. It's also ok if you do not have long-term plans to stay in this industry or that company. With turnover, these employers know it. Do not mention your plan to get out of the phone marketing as soon as possible in the interview or once you start working.
3. Phone marketing looks good in your resume. With the phone marketing experience, companies will look at you as a phone professional. It will show dexterity. The desired job or career may not be too much, but it certainly requires skill. This may not be a profession or job for everyone, but remember that this is survival, and you are trying to make some money until the position you really want becomes available. Do not look at yourself as just a phone marketing. You are a phone professional. This is not just some expressions. Talk to some of the people you deal with, and you'll find a good number of people doing this for a very long time.
4. You still have time to search for other jobs. While most phone marketing companies may give you full-time work hours like 3:00 to 11:00 or 12:00 to 8:00, you will not work around the clock. You can use it to get you to search for better jobs and schedule early morning interviews. It is very difficult to do this if you are working in a job outside the home that requires 8 hours of work plus the time of mobility. Instead of going to the nearest fast food restaurant when you are in a financial predicament, consider the position of telemarketing where you will have time to look for the job of your dreams.
5. You need money, they need bodies. Here's the basic point: You're in a difficult financial situation, and these companies need people to sell their products / services and set appointments. It's a game made in paradise. It's specific and take and reply here. Apply for the job, be honest during the interview and do your job as best as you can. You will use skills and sharpen the skills that will help you in the job of your future dreams. Phone marketing may not be the most exciting business, but it will definitely bring you a regular check. If you are currently suffering, you are crazy not to think about it.