Golden Handcuffs: Finding the Keys - Part 2

An industrial carpeted corridor, a comfy brown chair, and golden handcuffs. What do all of these have in common? Some see this as success, some see these things as the trappings of what a job can become. These things contrast sharply to the success others see. They see time freedom, personal development and living in control of your life on your timeline. Join me, let & # 39; s take a peek.
Once the excitation of securing the new job wears off, you have been to Orientation, you begin to understand exactly how much of yourself you will be putting in, and how much you will actually be able to take home to those you love, especially after the commute. The corridor, with its obnoxious patterned carpet, becomes the daily comfort and monotony of what you see and what you feel. Can you actually remember the last month in detail? From the moment you leave your home until you return, most days blend together and meld into the dread of Mondays, the hump of Wednesdays and the relief of Fridays. Some motivation can come from a new project, a new computer system to learn, or the next potluck for the birthdays in the month of October. Maybe not. It is easy to follow and watch that new employee they just hired, just run to please the boss. He & # 39; s just so ready and willing to take on the next project.
The corporate process is made up of the suggestion of a break-through idea. It is digested and re-covered so many times it has to be discarded and then returned to the original idea, with a budget cut of course. The project should just go to the new employee, trying to get promoted. You can quietly Observe near-by contributing some, but what good will it do if you can not make a real difference, for yourself and your personal paycheck? Wonder what & s; new on the internet?
You must find the key. Time will not wait for you. The freedom to enjoy your life does not come with a full time job. You see we were never told that time is time and money is money. We can exchange time for money, but the exchange rate is so bad we really do not want to think about it. Sometimes it is less than a third world country.
How about that brown comfy chair? You sit in this chair at least 8 hours each day making money for someone else. You gaze out of the window and watch the world rush by. Where are all those people going? Do not they have real jobs? Do not they all have brown comfy chairs that hold their back sides for more hours than are typically spent in recreation in a week?
There is so much more of the world out there. Sure, you'll get a vacation here in the very near future. You dream of the flight, maybe not so much, but you do dream of the food you'll eat, the places you have booked to stay, and the things you will see. Spending time with someone you love. Now that & # 39; s a key.
Another key as you break free is you realize the true calorie free desert is known as personal growth. Developing yourself into the person you want to be, is an ongoing process. Only you can determine the due date and the final outcomes. Owning your own online business allows you all these freedoms and more.
The Golden Handcuffs await you. You realize their full chill, containment, and restriction when you realize the carpeted corridor is a bit worn and the pattern fading. The pleather chair begins to crack and you no longer run your hand along the arms in moments of boredom. Upsizing is a thing of the past. Speaking of passing, where is that younger employee? The excitation is gone. The salary continues to climb each year. What 2% is not what you were promised when you were hired? How about those benefits? They change a bit every year too. You are paying more than you did last year and the year before. At least one thing stays the same. You get your two weeks every year to spend time with your family on a wonderful vacation, only to return ...
Take control of your life. Do not allow the monotony and boredom of your current situation stifle you. The best is yet to come. Nothing will compare to the fulfilled dreams for your life and those you love. The website at the end of this article provides insight into the success others see and experience.
Healthy Habit: Everyone loves a sweet treat. Instead of something made of refined sugar, look for the sweet trees from nature. Heaven knows crisp apples, juicy oranges, red-red strawberries and ripe golden bananas can not be matched!
Quote From The Tote: "Remember, you can not steal second if you do not take your foot off first." -Mike Todd